Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Bonus

I owe my cleaning lady.  BIG TIME.

I love the day that she comes.  My place looks and smells amazing!  I love being in it.  I don't want to leave.  I just want to lay around in it's cleanliness and enjoy the serenity that comes with a combination of pine-sol, windex, spic'n span, elbow grease and pledge.  Eau de Peace & Calm.

I just want to lounge on my comfy couch in my comfy post-work wear.  aka pajamas.  I want to inhale clean air and not see a spec of dust anywhere.  I want Eau de Peace & Calm to permeate my clothes, hair and self.  It is Heavenly.

For her visit last week I had left a Holiday Bonus in her check.  An extra show of thanks.

Usually she texts me when she leaves.  I was actually very much looking forward to getting her text all day because the cleanliness of my place would radiate the peace and calm through the cellular network.  And, I would feel so much more at ease knowing that I was going home to a clean, organized and smelling-good house.  Not the tornadic disaster I had left earlier that day.

The text arrived.  She thanked me for the Holiday Bonus and mentioned that she really appreciated it.  Warm and fuzzy feelings washed over me.  Eau de Peace & Calm was radiating from my inner self..

Then she sent another text.

"Sam 'got sick' in his cage.  The towel is now in the hall.  Put new towels in the kennel.  Cleaned him up.  Hope that was okay".

I had to read the text twice.  To make sure it really said that Sam got sick in his cage.  Of course he did.  On the day that I didn't go home at lunch.  And, the day that my cleaning angel came.

So much for a holiday bonus.  That was like prepayment for the bonus she was getting straight from Sam's intestines.   Eau de Puke and Stench.

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