Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Honoring Helen

When someone passes you try to find ways to honor them.  Whether in song or quotation, you look for things that have a deeper meaning to show your love, hopes, wishes and dreams for them in their afterlife and for the family and their friends in their "After" life.

Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of the passing of our dear family friend after her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. The world lost a wonderful mother, daughter, wife, sister, role model and friend. I think of her often and am thankful that she is at peace.

What troubles me still is the loss for her daughters, my 'sisters', twins I grew up babysitting, playing with and watching develop into two of the funniest, kindest, most beautiful women.  And, I am tickled when they laugh and I hear their mother's laughter ring through the air.

I am bothered for her sons who need their mother in ways they can't even imagine but I am happy to see how they've grown into incredible men who treat the women in their lives in a way that would make her proud and feel honored.

I hope for her husband as he continues to find his way in navigating the world without her by his side and I smile because I know she watches over him and that he is surrounded with her love everyday through their children.

I am sad for her mother for losing her daughter far too soon.   But, I find peace knowing that she is smiling down onto her mother and caring for her from above.

I wonder about her friends and how lonely they feel when they want to share a story with her but I am grateful that they have found ways to cherish her memory in the places she loved most and feel her spirit when there together.

And, while thinking of these things brings tears to my eyes, I know that the most important thing is that in our "After" life we honor her by always living our best life.  Living a life in the amazing way that she lived hers.  A life filled with happiness, laughter and appreciation for the good around us. A life where you cherish accomplishments, support others wholeheartedly and always are willing to lend a hand and an ear. A life blooming with sunshine, celebration and love.

Today, tomorrow, and for every day after, I will honor Helen by trying to live my best life.  I ask that you do too.

1/4/53 - 12/13/10

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