Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Dating misAdventures Entry # 2

A friend set us up.  On paper he was AMAZING.

Tall.  Love it!

VP of Marketing for a major sports team.  Smart and Savvy.

Dark Hair.  *swoon*

Christian.  My mom would approve.
CC By Eric Heath
We talked and agreed to meet on Saturday night.  He suggested the Top of the Mark. 

I knew nothing about the Top of the Mark.  I wanted to wear jeans.  He said he would be wearing a suit.  He wanted to get dressed up. See you soon fancy man.

Enter blonde girl.  Tuxedos in the lobby.  I am totally underdressed in my heeled sandals, skirt and tank.  I should have worn a sequined ballgown.  Up top, I take in the glory of this elegant restaurant at the peak of the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco's Nob Hill. Apparently you go here to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. China.  Multiple forks and spoons.  Crystal.  Why not a pub with burgers and fries??

Over candlelight I drank wine with dinner.  He asked if I had been SAVED by Jesus.  I ordered another glass. I mean it's great to have a relationship with the big guy upstairs.  I have one, we talk.  However, date 1 may not the best time to bring it up. Let's have breezy conversation.  Flirt. Laugh. Share funny stories.  No need to go biblical.

He said and did some other odd things.  Kind of arrogant too.  We parted ways knowing we would never see each other again.  The car from the Mark Hopkins took me home.  Where was The Bachelor camera crew to film my tipsy commentary about my feelings toward the Jesus-loving sports exec?

Many months later I learned from the person who set us up that 1) she didn't know much about him and 2) at this exact same time he was trying to determine what to do about another female in his life.

Apparently they met at church.  Their lust and desire overtook them during bible study.  A one-night stand occurred. She was pregnant.  They weren't exactly sure what to do.

I think going out with me was a brilliant idea.  Do you sense the sarcasm in my voice?  Seriously?   Dude, you probably should have been attending to your knocked-up church friend.

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  1. Oh Liz, I'm dying. Thanks for yet another well written, witty post!! ;)