Friday, November 30, 2012

Counting My Blessings

I took a little blogging break as I was resting, relaxing, shopping, sunning and watching some hoops in the Virgin Islands over Thanksgiving.  The Littlest was playing in an islands tournament and so our family hopped a few planes to celebrate one of my most favorite holidays beachside.
Over the last month I've seen Facebook friends posting daily about all of things that have made their Thankful lists. I didn't partake in this trend but decided that on the last day of the month I'd jot down all of things I am blessed by and with.  Efficiency.  30 days of something I'm thankful for in one list, one post.  Done.  Read on.  And, this is not in order of least to most thankful or vice versa so don't be insulted if you aren't number 1.

My Blessings
1) Laughter (side-splitting, eyes watering, out loud laughter)
2) Kindness (in heart and mind)
3) La Famiglia (both sides and the 'family' that is not even biologically tied)
4) Sunshine
5) My pooch, Sam (although sometimes I want to send him off with the Gypsy's)
6) Girlfriends (enough said)
7) Baubles (bracelets, diamonds, cheap costume plastic stuff, heirlooms)
8) Ice Cream (Ben & Jerry's Phish Food in particular)
9) Bond No. 5 Nuit de Noho
10) Beaches (sand, turquoise water, sunshine, palm trees, Bette Midler)
11) Crushes (and the butterflies that come with them)
12) My trusty Volvo
13) Xanax (the calm that overcomes the storm)
14) Seashells (junonia's, jewels of the sea, catpaws, conchs, tulips)
15) Open Windows
16) Chardonnay (Rombauer is at the top of the list)
17) Gossip Magazines (and the trash they talk)
18) Grandparent memories (old spice, tab, velcro rollers, pontoon boats)
19) Church Hopping
20) Mani-Pedi's (and the Vietnamese women who are really good at doing them)
21) Wi-Fi and data plans
22) Sunroof - Moonroof (toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe)
23) Post-It's (thank you Romy & Michelle or maybe 3M)
24) Good reads (bound or nook)
25) Hand Lotion (Kiehls, l'occitane, love+toast, Archipelago)
26) Mentors (you know who you are)
27) Frequent flyer miles and hotel status (Thank you AA and Marriott)
28) Coca Cola (diet, zero, caffeine free and just plain ol' Coca Cola in the red can)
29) Old Sweatshirts (one GAP gray one that I love to wear inside out)
30) Gluten free cookies (who am I kidding, gluten free everything)

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