Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happiest of New Years

There are a number of traditions around celebrating the New Year.  Some are fun like getting dressed up and wearing silly hats.  Others are said to bring love, fortune, success.   Listening to Auld Lang Syne at the stroke of midnight and making a champagne toast (be sure to put a gold ring in your glass). Wearing white on New Year's Eve yields health and internal peace.  Also, eating pork, black eyed peas and doughnuts on New Year's Day is custom for a good year ahead.  Top it off with 12 grapes for 12 good months.   Supposedly you are also not to remove anything from the home or clean on New Year's Day.  And, don't pay a single bill or wash dishes.

One tradition I am particularly hopeful about is First - Footing.  This tradition states that the first person to enter the home after midnight will determine the type of year ahead.  And, according to everything I've read on this tradition, the key is for the “first footer” to be a tall, dark and handsome male.  Even better if they come bearing gifts.

I am patiently waiting for said man to show up on my doorstep, gifts in hand.  Hopefully my sitting and standing 3 times while writing this post will also encourage this dark haired Adonis to marry me in 2013 as well.

While I wait for his arrival I will spend the day doing a little bit of work, to ensure a good new year in that aspect of my life.  I also will avoid the dishes or taking out the trash.  I'll try to find a Chinese place for pork and I'll be happy and joyous all day (to set the tone for a happy 364 days in front of me).   2013 is going to be my year!! 

Regardless of the tradition or ritual I am going to enjoy every minute of today.  I am blessed with wonderful family and friends.  I have a good life and good health.  I am fortunate and grateful.  I am accomplished and loved.  I hope that you are too.

Happy New Year!!

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